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Richland College Service Learning


Welcome to another showcase presentation by the Richland College Learning Center. Have you ever thought about adding service-learning to your student career in college?

Perhaps you're not sure what service learning is all about. Let me take just a couple of minutes to explain how service learning can make a difference for you.

Service learning is a way of extending your engagement with classroom curriculum -- into real-life situations.

Service learning, is learning in context where you can apply what you learn, and make a difference in the world.

Here's the scoop on the benefits, advantages, and opportunities that service-learning at Richland College can bring your way:

Service learning is an experience that involves your brain, your body, and your heart. Your brain is stimulated in multiple ways, as you work out solutions, and reflect on your experience. Your body picks up the behavioral skills, for putting knowledge and information to practical use, and your heart finds inspiration and learning, as you make a meaningful contribution.

You may be wondering what advantages there are for you as a student, by participating in a service learning experience. Research shows that students who are engaged in learning outside the classroom -- outperform their peers, academically. Students who have been involved in service-learning are more successful than their peers in finding satisfying careers after graduation.

Service learning has a measurable, positive impact on a student's employability, upon graduation. Employers consistently confess to giving more weight to a resume, that includes the applicant's experience in service learning.

Just consider the opportunities that can open up for you -- through service learning; it gives you an opportunity to see what it's like to work in a particular job field; it gives you an opportunity to get extra credit applied to your class grade; it gives you an opportunity to make a positive impression on a future employer;

finally, service learning gives you an opportunity to develop yourself, help others, and make a real difference in the world. If I have piqued your interest in the benefits, advantages, and opportunities of service-learning, here are some next steps for you to consider:

talk with your instructor, about possible service-learning incentives. Join the Academic & Civic Engagement Program on campus. Consider pursuing the President's Volunteer Service Award. Complete a service learning application, by going to www.richlandcollege.edu/servicelearning

Stop by the Learning Center, for help -- Medina Hall, 216, or send an email to JohnDaniels@dcccd.edu Thank you for watching! Have a terrific semester, and think about moving your student career to a new level -- with service-learning!