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Turkey Troy Video


What a beautiful day -- here it is -- for our 45th annual Turkey Trot, here at Richland College.

You can see behind me, we've got a number of participants that are either gonna walk two miles or run three miles, all for fun, to burn some calories, so they can eat that pumpkin pie, on Thanksgiving Day -- two days from now.

And you can join us on all our activities. Go to our Richland web page, and you'll see we have a number of activities for students, so come out, have some fun, enjoy Richland College Intramurals.

A woman wearing a Thanksgiving turkey hat.

Two older women are conversing by the track.

Volunteers are giving out t-shirts to the runners.

Participants go up stairs to receive their prizes.

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, plays, as two senior citizens dance.