Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Eligibility Rules and Guidelines


  1. Must be a current student (full or part time), faculty or staff member.
  2. Must have valid student ID card at all contests. Failure to have proper ID will result in the player not being eligible to play in the present contest.
  3. All Intramural/Recreation events and leagues are CO-ED (unless stated differently in the league rules).
  4. Any student who plays with a varsity team is not eligible to participate in any Intramural/Recreation activity that is the same as their sport. (Example: a varsity basketball player can not participate in any basketball event, league or tournament that involves basketball.) Red shirts are eligible. Male and female soccer players are eligible for spring indoor games (limit 2 per team).
  5. If a team plays with an ineligible player, the team will be forced to forfeit the game, and the team or individual may be subject to suspension from further Intramural Activity.
    If any team forfeits more than two games or contests for any reason the team will be dropped from the league.
  6. Team captains are responsible for the eligibility of their players.
  7. All Players must be on an active Intramural roster to be eligible to play. No roster modifications may be made two weeks after the start of the league. All roster modifications must be approved by the Director of Intramurals.
  8. The Intramural / Recreation Director reserves the right to change guidelines if he/she sees fit.

Forfeit Policies

  1. If a team fails to report to a schedule contest they will receive a forfeit, the required number of players must be present by a maximum of 10 minutes after the competition is schedule to begin.
  2. After a team’s second forfeit they will be dropped from the league.

Entry Fees

All leagues and events are free.


All Playoffs start at the conclusion of the regular season and are single elimination ( unless stated differently in the league rules)


All teams that win an Intramural Championship and the runner up team in either a league or event will receive an Intramural t-shirt. Other prizes may be predetermined before the start of the league or event.

Code of Conduct

Vulgar, obscene, abusive, derogatory and demeaning comments and gestures that are directed towards other players, supervisors or officials are not tolerated. Such comments and behavior create a hostile environment, generate ill-will, place unnecessary pressure on participants and contribute to a negative Intramural/Recreational experience. Violators will face suspension or exclusion from the program. Serious incidents or repeat abuses are subject to College Police notification.


Any player ejected from a contest or league will be prohibited to play in the team’s next competition (playoffs or regular season). Any player ejected more than once from a team in the same season will be expelled from his team for the remainder of the league including playoffs. Any team that has more than one ejection in a game will forfeit the game. Two forfeited games due to ejections results in the team being expelled from the league.

Players Codes

No player shall...

  1. Use abusive language, threaten or abuse any other player or intramural employee, before, during or after the game
  2. Participate in a game for which he/she is ineligible
  3. Argue or talk back to the game supervisor or officials. Only the captain (or acting captain may address the game supervisor or official concerning an interpretation of a rule or judgment) Intentionally strike, push or trip another player, supervisor or official (College Police will be notified if any of these occur)