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Richland College Intramural Sports


The left-corner appears, displaying a woman hitting a ping pong ball and spinning, while the bottom right-hand corner appears, displaying basketball players.

The left-corner shot displays a man hitting a ping pong ball, while the bottom-left-hand corner displays a girl in a red jersey, running with a football.

As the corner-displays change clips, they fade out and a man appears hitting a ping pong ball across the table, back to his opponent.

A young male hits a ping pong ball over the net to another male, wearing a white hat, whom dips for the ball, as it shoots off of the table.

Tennis players appear, as we see the feet of a player, and then males appear jumping to hit the tennis ball, with their rackets.

A male wearing a red hat -- hits a golf ball off of the tee.

A male with a sky blue jersey on -- runs upfield, with a football, as a player with a royal blue jersey -- chases him into the endzone.

A male wearing glasses -- jogs on the track and gives a thumbs up.

Two women smile and jog on the track, while one waves at the camera.

The camera raises above the tennis net, as a young woman throws the ball up to hit it with her racket.

A young male shoots a lay-up with a basketball.

Two male football players participate in a coordinated handshake, as they celebrate.

A male basketball player, wearing a purple jersey, passes the ball to his teammate, as their opponents, in black jerseys -- attempt to defend them.

A male quarterback scrambles on the football field, dishing the ball to his wide receiver in the corner of the endzone, as the referee signals a touchdown to the camera.

A graphic displays: "Intramural Sports" -- Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12:30 --