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Intramural Sports

Flag Football: Thursday Oct. 18 at 12:30 LATEST UPDATE - we will play the football playoffs indoors in the gym. 1st vs 4th playoff game and 2nd vs 3rd playoff game will each be played over two 8-minute halves. The winners will play the championship game which will be played over two 12-minute halves.

Recreational intramural sports are a big part of college life for both participants and spectators. For some students, intramural sports are a way to meet new friends and to be involved in college life. Others pursue intramural athletic interests for the thrill of competition.

The intramural program offers something for everyone, from team sports–football, basketball, indoor soccer, softball and volleyball–to individual sports–tennis, cross country and golf. It’s our hope that each intramural athlete is provided the opportunity to have fun, make new friends and experience friendly competition.

John Stanson
John Stanson
Intramural Sports Director
“ You can enrich your campus life through activity in the Richland College Intramural Sports Program. Come join the fun”