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Constitution Guide

Constitution Guide: Writing/Drafting Constitutions

Constitution Guide (Printable PDF)

The following outline is a guide to drafting a constitution for your student organization at Richland College.

Article I-Name
State the official name of the organization. Please list full organization name and any abbreviations afterward.

Article II-Purpose
The purpose of the organization must be stated to clearly indicate that it will serve a need on the campus that cannot be met by already existing organizations.

Article III-Membership
Members must be students, faculty, and/or staff at Richland College. State what a member must do to be recognized as a full member. State what rights and privileges a full member has.

Article IV-Consultants
Consultants may include alumni, honorary affiliates, etc. who are not members of the local organization. If a consultant is mentioned the constitution must state that consultants can neither vote nor hold office in the organization.

Article V-Executive Board
State names of offices by title (President, Vice President, Secretary, etc.); how and when elected and length of terms shall be listed. Per District Policy each organization must appoint/elect a treasurer (DCCCD BPM, 13.1.7)

Article VI-Meetings
State procedures for calling regular and/or special meetings. The Director of Student Life must approve all scheduled business meetings.

Article VII-Cost of Membership (dues, fines, etc.)
State how the cost of membership is to be determined; when it is to be collected and that it is to be collected under the supervision of the advisor or the Office of Student Life. State all procedures for the allocation of organizational funds.

Article VIII-Committees
State what standing and/or ad hoc committees or what divisions will exist in the organization and the function and composition of each.

Article IX-Affiliations
List any affiliations with local, state, regional or national constitutions.

Article X-Advisor
State procedures for the qualifications and selection of a faculty and/or staff advisor and the functions or duties of said person.

Article XI-Amendments
State how an amendment will be presented, to whom it will be presented and how it will be ratified. Must state that amendment will be effective upon approval by the Office of Student Life.

Article XII-Rules and Regulations
Must clearly state that the organization will function in accordance with all Dallas County Community College District Board Policies and Richland College Administration/Office of Student Life.

Article XIII-Bylaws
State procedures for the inclusion of any rules or regulations specific to the organization.

The advisor signs and dates the constitution upon its ratification by the membership. All Constitutions should be signed and dated by the advisor as well as the contact person/president.