Richland College Athletics Video


Richland College flag waves and falls down, revealing "Richland College Athletics" title, with a cartoon duck.

A male Richland basketball player, wearing a white uniform, dribbles and passes it to his teammate, as he makes a three-point shot.

A male Richland soccer player, wearing a white uniform, kicks the ball to his teammate, as he hits the ball into the goal, with his head.

A female Richland soccer player, in a white uniform, kicks and passes the ball across the field -- to her teammate, as a defender in a blue jersey -- attempts to steal the ball.

A male Richland baseball player -- pitches a baseball to the catcher, delivering a strike, as the umpire signals.

A male Richland baseball players hits the baseball with his bat, and runs.

Male Richland basketball players prepare to play defense, as they run backwards, across the court.

Richland female basketball players, wearing purple jerseys, play, as one shoots the ball over three defenders, banking a shot into the hoop.

Richland female volleyball players are gathered around, cheering.

Richland volleyball players appear playing, as they jump to block their opponent's shot -- back towards them, over the net. Richland volleyball players appear cheering from the sidelines, as the camera zooms into them.

A graphic appears: Richland College Athletics --