Use the links below to find out which courses you can receive credit for based on your military experience.​   

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 

Personnel Information System Management Specialist

Computer Programmer (74F)

Army MOS 74F-001 (10/73-8/75)

Programmer/Analyst (74F) Programmer/Analyst (74F)

Software/Analyst (74F)  

Army MOS 74F-004 (10/92-6/95)

Information Systems Chief (74Z)                              

Army MOS 74Z-003 (6/01-1/05)

Telecommunications Computer Operator-Maintainer (74G)                               

Army MOS 74G-002 (2/95-9/03)

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Systems Analyst (74G)                               

Army MOS 74G-001 (10/73-8/75)

Information Systems Operator-Analyst (74B)                         

Army MOS 74B-002 (2/95-1/05)

Automated Communications Computer Systems Repairer (39G)                               

Army MOS 39G-001 (9/89-1/94)

Tactical Computer Systems Repairer (34T)                               

Army MOS 34T-001 (9/85-9/87)

Information Systems Chief (25Y)                               

Army MOS 25Y-001 (1/05-11/11)

Graphics Documentation Specialist (25Q)                               

Army MOS 25Q-001 (9/89-6/94)

Multimedia Illustrator (25M)                               

Army MOS 25M-001 (2/94-9/05)

Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer (25F)                               

Army MOS 25F-001 (10/04-present)

Information Technology Specialist  (25B)                               


Army MOS 254 001

Data Processing Technician (251A)                               

Army MOS 251A-002 (6/01-11/11)

Network Management Technician (250N)                               

Army MOS 250N-001 (12/97-5/09)

Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer (14J)                               

Army MOS 14J-002 (3/09-present)