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TRIO Student Support Services Video


Trio, is that support that you need. Passion for helping students... really encouraged me to join Trio. It's kept me more involved in... Richland. If I didn't have Trio, I wouldn't know where to go, I didn't know where to get the correct information, to get the support that I needed.

It built my self-esteem, it made me more of not a quitter. And what they did for me, when I was in student government, and Phi Theta Kappa, just to keep me balanced -- was very, very impactful in my life.

They wouldn't let me fail, they wouldn't let me give up, because there have been times when I wanted to give up, and they wouldn't let me give up.

Trio Student Support Services is a program at Richland College, that walks alongside those students that have the potential to achieve their dreams, yet have not found the support systems previously to make that happen.

Participants find individualized services, such as advising, tutoring, and transfer counseling, to support their academic and professional pathways to success, by exposing students to great lecture series, financial literacy workshops, and cultural events.

We are building stable professionals, and community leaders, today, through our opportunities. To be a part of Trio Student Support Services, students are required to be either a permanent resident, or a U.S. citizen, and we also have 3 other criteria points: one, being first-generation, second, would be that you meet the federal income guidelines, and third, would be you either have a physical challenge or special needs support system, needed at Richland.

Trio is... Trio is... Trio is... Trio is a program where where you can can get advising, you can get one-on-one tutoring, you have labs, and also gives you the opportunity to meet with with your fellow students. An organization where the faculty really cares about your success.

They look at your ambition, they look at the fact that you want to succeed, and they help you in that. Trio is definitely a great resource on campus, to help you achieve your goals.

If you're eligible for trio, it'd be hands-down the best thing you can do. I like that everything is so easily available I have a place I can go to and study... I also have the advisors right there, if they need any help, and the tutors are there to help me.

Trio advisors -- they take the time to get to know you, and when they see you, they're able to refer to you by name, and that adds a lot of value to the whole advising experience.

The counselors -- I can say they genuinely care about the students, and their jobs, like they genuinely care about us, because there have been times that I had to stop by, and I just wanted to talk, and they made time just to talk with me. You get to see a different aspect of the faculty, and know them more as people, than just a person that works at Richland. Made me realize the importance, you know, of education -- what education really means.

Trio has been a great support system, not only academically, but with life goals and struggles that I have, that I had faced in life. Without Trio, I don't know if I would have actually... I know I'm going to get my bachelor's, now, but I'm not sure if I would have stuck it through.

I don't see a reason, I can't imagine a reason not to apply. We would like to welcome you to join Trio Student Support Services at Richland College. We know it has worked for many myriads of students that have come across our threshold, at Richland, and we know it can work for you.

Trio Works!