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Emergency Operations Plans and Annexes

The District Emergency Operations Plan is a district-level plan that guides the emergency response of all district personnel and resources during a major incident. It is the official EOP for the Dallas County Community College District and all district colleges and locations.  

The plan is designed as an umbrella structure for all location emergency operations plans.  The plan was developed in direct response to the National Incident Management System Resolution (July 2006 Board of Trustees).

To the maximum extent practical, the plan and location emergency procedures guides present a standard approach to emergency management, including an emergency response organization which is consistent with the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. Use of this system facilitates communication and coordination between the workgroups, locations, the district and the municipalities/county/state public safety agencies during an incident. 

The plan further ensures that the district is eligible for state funding of response-related personnel, materials and equipment costs during declared disasters.

The primary audience for the document includes our senior leadership, emergency management team members, department heads and their senior staff members, leaders of local volunteer organizations and government agencies that support district emergency operations and others who may participate in our mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

The basic plan includes annexes and detail plans specific for campus(es) or department(s). Each district location also has a site-specific basic plan. The basic plan also defines lines of succession, readiness levels and administration and support.  

All district departments have some part of the district EOP and annexes. The district EOP and summary of annexes are provided below.

This plan supersedes previous plans and precludes employee actions not in concert with the intent of this plan. Nothing in this plan should be construed in a manner that limits the use of good judgment and common sense in matters not foreseen or covered by the elements of the plan or any appendices hereto.

The plan and organization shall be subordinate to county, state and federal plans during a disaster declaration by those authorities. 

District EOP

District EOP (basic plan) (PDF – 303KB)

Plans and Annexes

Annex A-Warning
Annex E-Training, Testing, Exercise
Annex H-Hazardous Weather
Annex T-Travel and Transportation 
ESF 10-Oil and Hazardous Material Response  
ESF 12-Energy
ESF 13-Public Safety and Security 
ESF 15-Public and Governmental Annex
ESF 1-Transportation
ESF 2-Communications and Technology
ESF 4-Firefighting 
ESF 5-Emergency Management 
ESF 6-Human Services
ESF 7-Logistics Management and Resource Support
ESF 8-Public Health and Medical Resources