Annex V: Terrorist Incident Response

The purpose of this annex is to establish procedures for responding to the threat of or an actual occurrence of a terrorist event at or near a district location. Emphasis is placed on the protection of life and property, enforcement of criminal laws and coordination of or assistance in the movement of people and resources in and around the affected area. This annex also outlines operational concepts and tasks and assigns responsibilities for preparing for and responding to terrorist incidents that may occur.

Concept of Operations

The DCCCD terrorism response structure is pursuant to National Incident Management System, which employs two levels of incident management structures. During a terrorist event, a multi-agency coordination system will be required to manage the response.  Central to this system is the Emergency Operations Center, which serves as a nucleus for all coordination of information and resources. The Incident Commander will manage and direct the on-scene response from the Incident Command Post. The Emergency Operations Center will mobilize and deploy resources for use by Incident Coordinator, coordinate external resources and technical support, research problems, provide information to senior managers, disseminate emergency public information, and perform other tasks to support on-scene operations.