Annex P: Hazard Mitigation

The purpose of this annex is to address mitigation as a long-term, on-going process and identify planning and implementation actions applicable to both pre-incident and post-incident situations. This annex describes the organization of emergency management team members and external agencies and assigns tasks and responsibilities for coordinated hazard mitigation planning and implementation activities and actions.

Annex P also explains the methodologies and progressive steps of how local governments plans to identify the hazards that affect us and to systematically reduce the identified levels of risk and vulnerability to these hazards.

Concept of Operations

Hazard mitigation is a function that requires the coordination of a variety of multi-disciplined, multi-jurisdictional on-going activities. City EMC in which the district property is located is responsible for developing and maintaining this annex. The city EMC has been designated as the Hazard Mitigation Coordinator and serves as the coordinator for this function for the city.