Annex N: Direction and Control

The purpose of this annex is to define the organization, operational concepts, responsibilities and procedures necessary to accomplish direction and control for DCCCD. This annex describes DCCCD’s concept of operations and organization for direction and control of such operations and assigns responsibilities for tasks that must be carried out to perform the direction and control function.

Concept of Operations

The organization of incident command operations will be pursuant to NIMS organizational principles. The specific organizational elements to be activated for an emergency will be determined by the Incident Commander based on the tasks that must be performed and the resources available for those tasks. The EOC may be activated on a graduated basis.  EOC staffing requirements will be determined by the Executive Group based on the needs of the situation. Emergency Services Group includes Incident Commanders and those departments, agencies and groups with primary emergency response actions. The Incident Commander will manage and direct the on-scene response from the Incident Command Post. The EOC will mobilize and request deployment of resources for use by the Incident Commander, coordinate internal and external resource and technical support, research problems, provide information to senior managers, disseminate emergency public information and perform other tasks to support on-scene operations.