Annex H: Health and Medical Services

The purpose of this annex is to coordinate the health and medical resources needed to respond to public health and medical care needs at a DCCCD location prior to, during and following a significant natural disaster or manmade event. Assistance provided under this annex is coordinated between the Public Health Authority or designee and the location emergency management coordinator and/or the district emergency management coordinator.

Concept of Operations

DCCCD does not have a physician on staff to provide medical services to students, employees or guests. Health and medical services are limited to first aid and CPR support as offered by the main campus health centers and volunteers. DCCCD relies upon the local public health authority for leadership and guidance for public health and medical care needs at DCCCD locations in support of an incident or disaster.

Actual service will be provided by the public health authority. The city emergency management office in which the district property is located is responsible for developing and maintaining this annex.