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You're Invited: DCCCD Alum to Shoot Music Video

This article appeared in a November 2017 issue of the student newsletter.

DCCCD Alum Ezra Vancil is looking at romantic love from a wide-angle lens. An American singer and songwriter, Vancil's new album "You" brings lyrical and melodic depth to his past experiences with love's complexities. 

While in the past he has written and recorded in the rock, pop, and experimental genres, a more mature Vancil has now found a sense of permanent belonging and connection within the community of Americana artists. His life experiences shared in song can be serious and contemplative – touching on themes of addiction, depression, and divorce. But in the end, love wins. Vancil chronicles his escape from darkness with expressions of hope and a sincere love of life that are both inspiring and healing. 

Collaborate with the pros 

Recorded with multiple Grammy-nominated Producer and Engineer Mark Hallman (at the historic Congress House Studio), Vancil's album "You" is and co-produced by David Castell. The award-winning team is led by Vancil whose music and videos won several awards in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition – one of the most prestigious indie songwriting contests. 

All that's missing for their upcoming music video shoot is you! Join Vancil, his small production team and 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre for the filming of album single "Settle Down Good." 

Vancil invites volunteers who are video technology/film students, or feel confident shooting, to come help (and build experience) on the shoot. There will be two professional camera operators, but the scope of the shoot is wide so the team is welcoming additional talent. 

Shoot needs include: 

  • Two camera operators with their own camera equipment. The team is shooting in 1080p but can make use of 4k and other formats for different purposes. 
  • One documentarian to document the video shoot itself. If you don't feel confident enough to be in the main shoot, this role is more beginner-level and can be done on any HD video camera. 
  • Drone pilots. If you have a drone that shoots 4k and feel confident as a pilot, come try it out on a real-world shoot. (Side note: drone pilot training is offered at Brookhaven now!)
  • Extras are always needed in a music video. The team has a group and is happy to add more!
  • Rather not be on film? You are welcome to help around the set and work behind the scenes. In fact, the shoot is a public event, so you can even just come and watch.  

Interested in participating? Email 

All those who participate will receive a credit on one "credits" edit of the final video, as well as the main release Vimeo notes section and where available on official video distributed websites.  

Music video details 

"Settle Down Good" Filming

Dec. 3, 2017

Cedar Hill, TX

Arrival time: 2 p.m.

Shoot time: 3 p.m. - sunset 

To watch a music video directed and produced by Ezra & The Lovearchy Records production team check out "Sunday Flowers" on YouTube.