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Deaf or Hard of Hearing? You Can Text College Police in Emergency

This article appeared in a January 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

Students who are deaf or hard of hearingcan now text their college police in the event of an emergency or to report a crime.

The number to contact college police by text is 972-860-4290.

Here's how the text system works: 

  1. Text 972-860-4290
  2. College police dispatch will send you an automatic reply that it has received your text message.
  3. A dispatcher will open a chat screen so that you can type information about the emergency and police can respond.

When contacting police, always identify yourself and the location (college, building, floor and room) that is of concern to you. That way, police can get to the location quicker.

The new text system is up and running. If you have trouble hearing, please don't hesitate to use it in an emergency or to report a crime.

Find your college police department office.