Richland College provides free, convenient tutoring and coaching services for a wide range of subjects. Instructional labs in a variety of disciplines are located throughout the campus to help Richland students achieve their academic goals.

The Learning Center

Medina Hall, M-216 | 972-238-6226 | TLC-RLC@dcccd.edu

The Learning Center (TLC) provides tutoring for current Richland students who need help with science, study and interpersonal skills, accounting, math, reading, and writing.

1-1 Tutoring | ACCESS 1-to-1 Tutorial Program
The ACCESS 1-to-1 Tutorial program helps students referred by Disability Services or Project SOAR attain educational and career goals.

Accounting Tutoring | Accounting Lab
The Accounting Lab provides face-to-face and online tutoring for all levels of accounting.

Math Tutoring

  • Higher Math Tutoring | Higher Math Corner
    The Higher Math Corner is a drop-in service center for students who need help with higher-level college math.
  • Algebra Tutoring | Algebra Corner
    The Algebra Corner is a drop-in service center for students who need help with Algebra.
  • Developmental Math Tutoring |Center for Success in Mathematics
    We offer face to face drop-in tutoring for students in all levels of developmental math.

Reading Tutoring | Reading Corner
The Reading Corner is a supportive learning environment where students can practice and strengthen their reading comprehension skills and monitor their progress.

Science Tutoring | Science Corner
Meet with study groups, attend review sessions, use the Science Corner as an additional resource to help you excel in your science courses!

Tutoring Connections Workshops | Connection Workshops
Connections workshops help students improve their study and interpersonal skills.

Writing Tutoring | Writing Center
The Writing Center provides free one-on-one tutoring.

The English Corner

Bonham Hall, B-228 | 972-761-6708 | RLCEnglishCorner@dcccd.edu

English Tutoring | English Corner
The English Corner provides free academic coaching by the outstanding English professors of Richland College to students in English 1301 and 1302 classes.