Richland College provides free, convenient tutoring and coaching services for a wide range of subjects. Instructional labs in a variety of disciplines are located throughout the campus to help Richland students achieve their academic goals.

The Learning Center

Medina Hall, M-216 | 972-238-6226 | TLC-RLC@dcccd.edu

The Learning Center (TLC) provides tutoring for current Richland students who need help with science, study and interpersonal skills, accounting, math, reading, and writing.

1-1 Tutoring | ACCESS 1-to-1 Tutorial Program
The ACCESS 1-to-1 Tutorial program helps students referred by Disability Services or Project SOAR attain educational and career goals.

Accounting Tutoring | Accounting Lab
The Accounting Lab provides face-to-face and online tutoring for all levels of accounting.

Math Tutoring

  • Higher Math Tutoring | Higher Math Corner
    The Higher Math Corner is a drop-in service center for students who need help with higher-level college math.
  • Algebra Tutoring | Algebra Corner
    The Algebra Corner is a drop-in service center for students who need help with Algebra.
  • Developmental Math Tutoring |Center for Success in Mathematics
    We offer face to face drop-in tutoring for students in all levels of developmental math.

Reading Tutoring | Reading Corner
The Reading Corner is a supportive learning environment where students can practice and strengthen their reading comprehension skills and monitor their progress.

Science Tutoring | Science Corner
Meet with study groups, attend review sessions, use the Science Corner as an additional resource to help you excel in your science courses!

Tutoring Connections Workshops | Connection Workshops
Connections workshops help students improve their study and interpersonal skills.

Writing Tutoring | Writing Center
The Writing Center provides free one-on-one tutoring.

The English Corner

Bonham Hall, B-228 | 972-761-6708 | RLCEnglishCorner@dcccd.edu

English Tutoring | English Corner
The English Corner provides free academic coaching by the outstanding English professors of Richland College to students in English 1301 and 1302 classes.

The Language Corner

Wichita Hall across from the Language Center (WH-261) | 214-890-3860 | lkatzenstein@dcccd.edu

ESOL Tutoring | Language Corner
The Language Corner offers one-on-one tutoring for currently enrolled ESOL students in the areas of reading, writing, grammar and listening/speaking.