Expectations for Center of Success for Mathematics

  1. Students must always know their Student ID, Course #, and Section #.
  2. Students must set all electronic devices to silent. If you must answer your cell phone, please leave the center before answering the call.
  3. Computers in the CSM are for academic purposes only. Students must not surf the internet or send emails from these computers. There are other computers on campus available for these uses.
  4. Please do your part to keep the noise level low so others can concentrate.
  5. Please be respectful towards peers, tutors, math coaches, or staff.
  6. Please eat your lunch outside of the CSM to help us maintain a clean working area.
  7. The success of the visit depends on the collaboration between the student and the tutor or math coach. The tutor or math coach will not do the work for the student. Students need to come prepared to answer questions and discuss their assignment.
  8. Students must bring notes, books, and any other resources that the instructor may have provided as well as the assignment sheet.
  9. Students should respect the tutor or math coach. Tutors and math coaches walk around and assist students as soon as possible. If the student is waiting for a tutor, the student needs to work on something else until the tutor can assist.