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  • How do I get tutoring?
  • To participate in the ACCESS 1-to-1 tutorial program, a student must be referred by counselors in either the Disability Services Office (DSO) or the TRIO/SOAR grant program.

    1. If you register for classes through the Disability Services Office, your DSO counselor will print out a tutoring referral which must be activated as follows:
    - Bring the referral sheet to the front desk of The Learning Center located in M216.
    - Sign in on the ACCESS 1-to-1 Tutorial Log Book. All tutoring requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    - Complete your schedule of availability for tutoring on the referral sheet.
    - Provide the desk personnel with a copy of your class schedule.
    - Complete a Learning Styles Preference Inventory (LSPI). This questionnaire gives you a chance to inform our staff of your learning needs and preferences, so we are able to serve you better.
    - Keep Terri Nelson's business card and the attached tutor appointment reminder slip in a safe place.
    - When an ACCESS 1-to-1 tutor calls you a few days before the first day of the semester, write the date/time of your first session on the appointment reminder slip.
    - Contact Terri Nelson by phone or e-mail if you have not heard from a tutor by the first day of class.

    2. If you register for classes through the TRIO/SOAR program, their counselors may - at their discretion - recommend a tutor referral to the ACCESS 1-to-1 program. Check with the SOAR program counselors and tutor coordinator for more details.

  • Why is it important to activate my referral for tutoring as soon as possible after registering for classes?
  • Tutoring appointments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Activating your DSO tutor referral as quickly as possible after registering for classes will ensure you a better chance at obtaining a tutor appointment. Early sign-up is particularly important if your available times to be tutored during the week are restricted due to personal limitations (such as work, DART rides, etc.). Also, early sign-up provides the tutor coordinator information needed to recruit staff for the upcoming semester.

  • Is it necessary to have a current student ID card in order to be tutored?
  • When you enter the TLC, front desk personnel will ask you to scan your student ID to log in before your tutoring session and again to log out when you leave the center. Presenting a current student ID ensures our staff that you are currently enrolled as a student at Richland College and thus eligible to receive our tutoring services. It also allows us to track the use of our center and thus improve our services in the future. So it is very important that you scan your ID each time you enter and leave the TLC. If you do not have your student ID when you arrive at the center, you can still use the TLC area if you can give your student ID # to the desk personnel.

  • How can I obtain a Richland College student ID card?
  • When you enroll in credit classes at Richland College , you receive a student ID card free of charge. This same ID card is used throughout your entire time as a student at Richland . You can obtain your ID card by going to Thunderduck Hall, room 141A (T141A) located immediately to the left of the Business/Cashier's Office in Thunderduck Hall. If you are a returning student, you must have your ID from the previous semester validated for the current semester. Validation stickers are available at the Cashier's Window, T 140A, in Thunderduck Hall. If you need to replace your student ID card, you will be asked to pay a replacement fee of $10, regardless of the reason for requesting a new card.

    When requesting either a new or replacement Richland student ID card, you will be asked to show a paid Registration fee receipt and picture ID.

  • Who will tutor me?
  • We try our best to match tutors appropriately with students based on subject matter and learning style needs. The Learning Style Preference Inventory form you completed when activating your tutor referral assists us in matching you with one of our qualified tutors.

  • What happens during my tutoring sessions?
  • After you scan your student ID card at the TLC front desk, you will meet your tutor in the ACCESS 1-to-1 lab area. At your first session, you will sign a tutoring contract which states the days and time(s) of your weekly standing appointment and your responsibilities related to your tutoring sessions. You will receive a copy of this contract, and the original will be maintained in a confidential file. If you wish, you may ask your tutor to keep a copy of your class syllabus or course assignment /handouts in your file. Also during your first tutorial, your tutor will review your LSPI (Learning Styles Preference Inventory) with you and make sure you are aware of all the tutoring services and resources available to you. In the remainder of the weekly tutoring sessions, the tutor will work with you on building your course concepts and study skills, suggesting additional learning resources as needed. At the end of each tutoring session, you will be asked to initial a tutoring narrative which tracks your course and tutorial progress. Please bring your own printer paper (limit of 5 pages). Math students should bring their own calculator and/or graph paper.

  • What subjects can I get tutoring in?
  • Tutoring is available for most of Richland College's core subjects (math, English/writing, history/government, psychology, philosophy, sciences, languages, etc.)

  • How often am I able to come for a one-to-one appointment?
  • During the spring or fall semester, students may meet with a tutor for one hour per week. During Maymester, Summer I and Summer II, students may meet with a tutor two hours per week.

  • What if I need additional tutoring, or what if a weekly standing appointment doesn't fit my schedule?
  • For those students requiring flexible tutoring schedules or additional help outside their weekly one-to-one appointment, you may wish to use one of the following resources located in our tutoring area:
    - ACCESS 1-to-1 drop-in lab (please check the bulletin board in the ACCESS 1-to-1 area for our current drop-in lab schedule).
    - Math Made Easy PowerPoint slides which simplify concepts covered in Developmental Math 090 through 099 and Math1414
    - Adaptive technology including JAWS, ZoomText, and Kurzweil 3000
    - Hands-on math manipulatives
    - Math videos and VCR player

    You may also use other resources provided in the TLC as follows (ask the front desk personnel for more information):
    - TLC Math Lab, Writing Center, Accounting & Economics Lab, History/Government Lab, Language Lab
    - Connections Workshops (Study Skills and Math)
    - Science Corner (actually located in upstairs Sabine Hall)
    - Hubbard Robinson Math Tutorials or Grammar Tools (maintained by software license on all TLC computers)

  • Can I use the ACCESS 1-to-1 computers, adaptive technology, and other resources outside of my scheduled appointment?
  • ACCESS 1-to-1 students are allowed to use the computers in the ACCESS 1-to-1 area when the TLC is open as long as a TLC staff person or tutor is available to log them onto the system. Adaptive technology equipment such as JAWS, ZoomText or Kurzweil 3000 require either prior user knowledge or a one-time training session; if you need a software training session, check with the ACCESS 1-to-1 tutor coordinator. Students must bring their own headphones to use JAWS and Kurzweil 3000. Math students are encouraged to use the math Power Point slides and Hubbard Robinson math tutorials for additional review.

  • What should I do when I cannot attend a scheduled tutoring appointment?
  • If you cannot make your appointment, you must notify the tutor coordinator at 972-761-6714 and the main desk personnel at 972-238-6226. It is very important to inform us of your absence, so it will not be recorded as an unexcused absence which could jeopardize your standing tutoring appointments.

  • Whom should I talk to if I have any further questions or concerns about my tutoring sessions or the services provided me by ACCESS 1-to-1?
  • Contact Terri Nelson at 972-761-6714 if you have any questions or concerns about the sessions or services you are receiving.