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5 Features You'll Love in the New Class Schedule

Planning your class schedule can be exciting! There are literally thousands of classes to pick from at college — from stage movement to self-improvement. But the limitless options can also be overwhelming. Finding a specific class can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, right?

Wrong! The browsable class schedule makes it easy to find the classes you want and need. 

Student-Friendly Features

There are lots of great, student-friendly features that have been added to the latest schedule. Below are our five favorites. 

Faster Access to Class Data

When you search for a class, you'll notice it's easier to quickly find the information you need to register for classes. With the new browsable class schedule, you can filter classes by college and hide any classes that are already full. All class data is updated every 20 minutes! 

Also, instead of having to constantly scroll down to read course descriptions, the course descriptions are now listed with each class section and at the top of each course listing. 

Plus, everything is collapsible! No more continuous scrolling! 

Advanced Search

The all-new Advanced Search gives you the ultimate filtering power. You can search classes by: 

  • Semester
  • Location
  • Subject
  • Course
  • Course Number
  • Date Range
  • Instructor 

As a bonus, Google search is now also available on the browsable class schedule home page. 

Icons For Skimming

Under each class listing, you'll see a small icon. Not sure what they mean? No problem — we've created a legend for you at the top of each page. 

If it's a day class, you'll see a small sun. For night classes, you'll see a tiny half-moon, and for online classes, you'll see a small computer monitor. Simple enough, right? 

You'll also see a small caution sign if the class is filled. 

My Class Cart

We've all done some online shopping, which means you're probably familiar with filling up a virtual shopping cart. Now you get to do that for your classes! 

When you hit the Add Class button, the selected class is automatically added to your cart. You can remove it from both the class listing and from inside your cart. 

Your class cart allows you to see how many total hours you have in your cart and lets you make it a PDF. 

However, keep in mind that adding a class to your cart does not mean you are registered. To complete the process, you need to hit the Add to My Plan button within the cart, which will take you to eConnect where you will complete your registration.

Search by Instructor (Coming Later This Month)

Ever had an instructor that you really like? Maybe it was their teaching style? Or their strong use of metaphors and stories? 

With the old format, you couldn't search the schedule for a specific instructor. But now you can search to your heart's desire! Seek out your favorite instructors and make sure you get them into your schedule this semester. 

Go Further

While the browsable class schedule helps you find the classes you want, your advisor can help you make sure they are classes you need (to meet program requirements). 

Contact your advisor for help planning your college schedule. And be sure to ask them about Guided Pathways — to help you complete a credential that allows you to earn a living wage and build a career.