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Jade and Jess Video Transcript



[Text On Screen]:Jade and Jess, A Graduate of a Dallas Community College

[Voiceover]: Meet Jade and Jess. They met in the Construction Management program at a Dallas Community College.

[Voiceover]: They love how Their degrees have not only changed their lives, but also the lives of their daughters

[Voiceover]: who… *ahem*… Ladies…

[Girl 1]: (directing) Just put this over there.

[Girl 2]: (to a sitting kid) It’s hard to get good help

[Jess]: Do you think our degree has rubbed off on our girls?

[Jade]: Oh Definitely

[Girl 1]: I like your hustle Frank!

[Voiceover]: You go, girls.

[Text On Screen]: Dallas Community Colleges

[Text On Screen]: Education That Builds.

[Text On Screen]: Education That Creates.

[Text On Screen]: Education That Works.