The graphic standards in the District Style Guide are designed to strengthen the overall DCCCD brand consistently, while enabling each college to reflect its own personality. Developing a common visual identity is an essential step in reinforcing our image in the community.

Our graphic standards are created to unify what we say about ourselves and how we say it. These guidelines apply to external communications. They are designed to be consistent, easily understandable and comprehensive. By using them as a reference for your communications materials, you and your fellow employees will play a critical role in reinforcing the district’s brand and people’s perceptions of DCCCD.

Our goals are to:

  • Distinguish ourselves from an ever-growing number of competitors
  • Enable our colleges to leverage advertising dollars spent on the district campaign
  • Increase our market share and enrollment
  • Enhance our credibility with potential donors and grant agencies
  • Be well-positioned in the minds of our constituents for future growth opportunities

We believe that knowledgeable employees who support our branding efforts are an important factor in our success. Please share this information with everyone who is involved in your communications efforts, including staff members, photographers, freelance designers, printers and other vendors. With your help, we can strengthen and clarify the district brand as you simultaneously promote your specific institution.

If you have questions, please contact Kathy Cook, director of Marketing and Communications at 214-378-1817.