Office of Educational Policy


Who We Are and What We Do


The overall mission of the Office of Educational Policy is to develope a student-centric instructional delivery system as a part of the integrated higher education network.

Because students of the colleges of DCCCD transfer freely among colleges with the network, the office of Educational Policy builds bridges that support a unified student experience.

To align with the priorities of the DCCCD Board of Trustees' as outlined in the system-wide strategic plan, we:  

  • Develop and implement strategies to improve student retention, ensure diversity and increase completion rates.
  • Develop and implement performance funding strategies related to academic planning, academic program review and curriculum development.
  • Development and implement policies to ensure all populations can successfully navigate developmental and remedial education programs resulted in improved retention and graduation rates.
  • Provide leadership in developing partnerships, agreements and special initiatives with both universities and K-12 districts.
  • Provides access to all programs and services offered by the colleges regardless of geographic location.