Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Online Catalog Publishing

Content fully vetted through the curriculum process and through the general information process are forwarded to the Online Catalog Publishing Team (OCPT) who manages all online catalogs for the colleges of DCCCD. This team is also responsible for the design and functionality of online catalogs.

The OCPT along with the DSC-Web Enterprise Solutions Team (WEST) bring to public view the finalized curriculum-related work of curriculum committees, discipline committees, district Curriculum Management, district Workforce Education, district Degree Audit (re: degree codes), and district Financial Aid (re: Gainful Employment Disclosure).



Online Catalog Publishing Team

  • Brenda Welcome, Managing Director, Catalog Development and Publishing
  • Kimberly Jones, Website Content Coordinator
  • Daniel Medford, Web Content Assistant
  • DeVonna Baggett, Web Content Assistant
  • Cody Ridgway, Web Programmer
  • Lynn Dang, Web Programmer
  • Marc Knox, Web Enterprise Services Manager

          Contact us at ocpt@dcccd.edu regarding all online catalogs.

Browsable Class Schedule & eConnect

  • Marc Knox, Web Enterprise Services Manager
  • Cody Ridgway, Web Programmer (Browsable Class Schedule)
  • Glenn Stone, Web Programmer (eConnect)