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Getting Started with Blackboard IM


eCampus Training. Topic: Blackboard IM — Getting Started. 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: How to sign up for a Blackboard IM account and download it. 

Blackboard IM is an instant messaging program that allows instructors and students to instantly chat with each other using text and audio or video. 

Students and instructors can also share applications on their desktops with each other. 

Before using Blackboard IM you have to set up an account through an eCampus course and download the program. 

Log in to eCampus and select a course. 

Select the Tools link. Scroll down and select Blackboard IM. 

Select the Blackboard IM tool link.

If you see this pop-up blocker, select Allow Once. 

If the Blackboard IM sign up does not appear, click the Blackboard IM link. 

Be sure to follow the three steps provided here. 

  1. Create a Blackboard IM Account. 
  2. Download Blackboard IM. 
  3. Install and Start Chatting! 

Fill out the form below and select Submit to create your Blackboard IM account. 

Note: Do not use your eCampus ID for your Blackboard ID. 

(Your Blackboard IM is visible by your fellow classmates.)