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Filing a Student Complaint

Richland College is committed to appropriate resolution of complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. Appreciative and constructive comments help us improve our services. These forms are utilized for those who have a concern or formal charge of dissatisfaction with a person, service or process that requires clarification, investigation, and/or resolution.

Student Complaint

Richland College defines a written student complaint as a written or electronic submission involving some action or inaction by the college, its faculty or staff and requests action be taken by the college to resolve the stated situation.

Student Grievance

Richland College defines a student grievance as a college-related problem or condition which a student believes to be unfair, inequitable, discriminatory, or a hindrance to the educational process. A grievance also includes discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or gender expression. A grievance can be filed for a complaint which was not able to be resolved through informal processes and for matters relating to allegation of misconduct where disciplinary action against a student may be an outcome of the investigation. A grievance will be investigated according to a formal grievance processes.