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Frequently Asked Questions About WorkReadyU

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Is the program really free?

Yes! Thanks to an AEL grant from the Texas Workforce Commission, the Learn and Earn Pathways program is free to students who qualify.

Learn and Earn Pathways also has community partners who can help you with things like child care, transportation or housing.


Is there a deadline to signup?

No. Orientations are ongoing at all seven colleges of DCCCD. You can contact a program coordinator for orientation dates, or you can view the DCCCD Calendar.


When do classes meet?

You choose which class time works best for you. You can pick from morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes.


How long does it take to finish the program?

The “Transitions” class is a total of 48 hours in the classroom. The length of job training varies widely, depending on which career pathway you choose. Most students finish training in 6-12 months.


How many students will be in my class?

There are 15-25 students for every instructor. You will train with the same group of classmates throughout Learn and Earn Pathways. This allows classes to be more discussion-based, interactive and fun.


Is orientation mandatory?

Yes, and for good reason. It’s during this time that you will be given all the details of the program. The more you know about what to expect, the better prepared you’ll be to get started.

Also, your skill level will be examined at orientation. This is so you can be placed in a class that best fits your level.


I’m not eligible for the program. Do I have other options?

Yes, there are other options for training. Some of these are free, grant-based programs, and others are paid, tuition-based programs. Each college of DCCCD offers something different. Contact a program coordinator to discuss which option works best for you.


I’m college staff. How can I help students register?

  1. Identify a potential student who fits the grant criteria (unmet TSI in one or more subject areas; unmet TSI scores equivalent to an NRS level 3 or 4 and above; no GED or high school diploma).
  2. Communicate with the student to determine interest in the Learn and Earn Pathways program.
  3. Refer the student with TSI test scores to the campus coordinator for further information and potential enrollment.

What’s the purpose of WorkReadyU?

  1. Increase job opportunities by providing literacy, language and workforce skills with basic educational development;
  2. Align education and training with local employment opportunities;
  3. Maintain economic competitiveness and
  4. Promote community development in Dallas County.

When does the AEL grant expire?

The AEL grant that funds the Learn and Earn Pathways program ends June 30, 2016, with the option for DCCCD to pursue three one-year renewals.


Who is on the Dallas County AEL Consortium?

The seven-member consortium includes DCCCD, Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas, the Dallas Public Library, Region X Education Service Center, Wilkinson Group, Irving ISD and Richardson ISD.

Member Program(s)

DCCCD – Lead Organization (Consortium Program Coordination and Leadership)

Transitions Program
Career Pathways Program

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas (Grant Recipient and Fiscal Agent)

Screening, intake, referral and employment placement

Dallas Public Library

GED Preparation

Irving ISD

ESL Civics, Basic ESL, Advanced ESL and ESL With GED Preparation

Richardson ISD

GED Preparation and ESL

Wilkinson Center

GED Preparation and ESL

Region X

Consortium Professional Development
GED, ESL Civics, ESL and Family Literacy