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Working to Assist ITT Technical Institute Students

Welcome, ITT Technical Institute students!

Richland College is working with the U.S. Department of Education to help you explore your educational options now that ITT has been closed.

On the official Department of Education website for student aid announcements, you'll find some of the issues regarding the ITT closure. The department explains its commitment to helping you find your next steps along your educational journey.

The Department of Education has reached out to colleges across the country where ITT campuses were located, including the seven Dallas Community Colleges, and asked that we assist you as you seek to continue your studies and complete your degrees.   

What We Offer


Among the Dallas Community Colleges, more than 70 Associate of Applied Science degrees are offered.

You'll find in-demand programs in health care, computer information technology, electronics technology and business administration offered at Brookhaven College, Cedar Valley College, El Centro College, Eastfield College, Mountain View College,  North Lake College and Richland College. 

Find the complete list of AAS degrees offered by Richland College.

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