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American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Articulations

College Credit To Jump-Start Your DCCCD Program

Have you taken some college courses but haven't earned a degree or certificate yet?

The American Council on Education (ACE) has identified a pool of online courses (listed below) that the colleges of Dallas County Community College District will accept toward your degree. ACE transfer credit can be used for up to 75% of the credits required for a degree or certificate. By offering this alternative credit opportunity, the colleges of DCCCD hope to help adults finish what they started and get a degree or a post-secondary certificate.

Please Note:

  • All other ACE credit not listed on this page may be considered for transfer, but each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Admissions/Registrar's Office for more information.
  • To receive the articulated credit, you must have completed the course(s) between 2015 and the present.
  • The list of accepted courses may change when courses change or when ACE recommends a change.

How To Request Credit

To request transfer credit for ACE courses, please complete the following steps:

  1. Request your ACE transcript online from the American Council on Education (ACE).
  2. Mail your transcript to the Admissions/Registrar's Office at your college of choice, or have it sent electronically directly to your preferred college.

    If sent by email, please use one of the following email addresses:

American Council on Education (ACE) Accepted Courses


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Accounting IPearsonACPE-0085ACNT 13033
Managerial AccountingEd4OnlineACPE-0117ACCT 23023


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Cultural AnthropologyStraighterlineACPE-0079ANTH 23213


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Introduction to NutritionStraighterlineACPE-0116BIOL 13223
Introduction to Biology and Introduction to Biology Lab*StraighterlineACPE-0011 and ACPE-0012BIOL 14084
Microbiology and Microbiology Lab*StraighterlineACPE-0028 and ACPE-0029BIOL 24204
Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology I LabStraighterlineACPE-0091 and ACPE-0092BIOL 24014

*Students must complete both the lecture and lab component to receive credit for the DCCCD equivalent course.


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Business LawPearsonACPE-0097BUSI 23013
Business LawStraighterlineACPE-0098BUSI 23013
Business Law and EthicsSaylorACPE-0099BUSI 23013
Introduction to BusinessPearsonACPE-0106BUSI 13013
Introduction to BusinessSaylorACPE-0107BUSI 13013
Introduction to BusinessStraighterlineACPE-0108BUSI 13013

Business Management

Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Human Resource ManagementEd4OnlineACPE-0102HRPO 23013
Human Resource ManagementPearsonACPE-0104HRPO 23013
Introduction to FinancePearsonACPE-0112BUSG 13033
Organizational BehaviorPearsonACPE-0120HRPO 23073
Organizational BehaviorStraighterlineACPE-0121HRPO 23073
Principles of ManagementPearsonACPE-0122BMGT 13273
Principles of ManagementStraighterlineACPE-0124BMGT 13273
Project ManagementSophiaACPE-0128BMGT 13093
Business ManagementEd4OnlineACPE-0135BMGT 13273


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
General Chemistry and General Chemistry Lab*StraighterlineACPE-0036 and ACPE-0037CHEM 14054

*Students must complete both the lecture and lab component to receive credit for the DCCCD equivalent course.

Computer Science

Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Computer BasicsEd4OnlineACPE-0100COSC 13013


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
MacroeconomicsJumpCourseACPE-0044ECON 23013
MicroeconomicsJumpCourseACPE-0045ECON 23023
MacroeconomicsPearsonACPE-0047ECON 23013
MicroeconomicsPearsonACPE-0048ECON 23023
MacroeconomicsStraighterlineACPE-0067ECON 23013
MicroeconomicsStraighterlineACPE-0068ECON 23023

English Composition

Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
English Composition ISophiaACPE-0024ENGL 13013
English Composition IIStraighterlineACPE-0026ENGL 13023
Introduction to CommunicationsStraighterlineACPE-0010SPCH 13113


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
American GovernmentJumpCourseACPE-0052GOVT 23053
American GovernmentPearsonACPE-0053GOVT 23053
American GovernmentStraighterlineACPE-0072GOVT 23053


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
American History IPearsonACPE-0049HIST 13013
American History IIPearsonACPE-0050HIST 13023
U.S. History IStraighterlineACPE-0069HIST 13013
U.S. History IIStraighterlineACPE-0070HIST 13023
Western Civilization IStraighterlineACPE-0083HIST 23113
Western Civilization IIStraighterlineACPE-0084HIST 23123


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Principles of MarketingPearsonACPE-0126MRKG 13113
Principles of MarketingSaylorACPE-0127MRKG 13113
Principles of MarketingEd4OnlineACPE-0134MRKG 13113


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
College AlgebraJumpCourseACPE-0013MATH 13143
College AlgebraStraighterlineACPE-0018MATH 13143
StatisticsPearsonACPE-0014MATH 23423
Introduction to StatisticsSaylorACPE-0017MATH 23423
Calculus ISaylorACPE-0015MATH 24134
General Calculus IStraighterlineACPE-0040MATH 24134
General Calculus IIStraighterlineACPE-0041MATH 24144


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Approaches to Studying ReligionsSophiaACPE-0061PHIL 23213
Introduction to ReligionStraighterlineACPE-0063PHIL 13043
Introduction to PhilosophyStraighterlineACPE-0062PHIL 13013
EthicsPearsonACPE-0073PHIL 13063


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
General Physics and General Physics Lab*StraighterlineACPE-0038 and ACPE-0039PHYS 14014

*Students must complete both the lecture and lab component to receive credit for the DCCCD equivalent course.


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Introduction to PsychologyJumpCourseACPE-0056PSYC 23013
Introduction to PsychologyStraighterlineACPE-0076PSYC 23013
Introduction to PsychologyEd4OnlineACPE-0077PSYC 23013


Course TitleProviderACE ReferenceDCCCD EquivalentCredit
Introduction to SociologyStraighterlineACPE-0080SOCI 13013