Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time, and employees are working remotely.
Please visit for additional information and to find contact information for various departments.
If you need additional assistance, please visit My Community Services and our Community Employment Resources.

Classes & Degrees

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

Students take classes at Richland College for a variety of reasons. You may be looking to save money, knock out some credits and transfer to a four-year university.

That’s great, we can help!

Or perhaps your focus is developing job skills so you can earn a certificate or degree (and quickly start working). That’s awesome too. It's a great place to begin your career!

College Credit Courses

College credit courses apply toward college or university degrees and certificates. Credit courses provide students the options for transferring to another college or university or direct employment. Core curriculum courses are guaranteed to transfer to any public Texas college or university.

Continuing Education/Noncredit Courses

In addition to college credit classes, you can take courses to improve your personal or workforce skills. These Continuing Education (CE)/Noncredit courses do not offer college credit but may apply toward industry credentials or other workplace certificates.