To educate the community and to build a world in which culture and diversity is valued and social injustices are eliminated.


The Studies in Cultural Diversity Program provides students an opportunity to take courses within the Core Curriculum with a focus on cultural diversity (e.g. race/ethnicity, global, gender and sexuality) in the United States and globally.

To enhance the student learning experience by using various mechanisms (i.e. core curriculum emphasis courses, lectures, seminars, and forums) to engage them while raising awareness about issues of cultural diversity.


An interdisciplinary community of full-time faculty who offer cultural diversity emphasis in Core Curriculum Courses and campus programs.

Cultural Diversity Emphasis:

  • Race/Ethnicity (African-American Black Studies, Mexican-American/Latino Studies, Asian-American)
  • Global (Middle East, World Religions, International)
  • Gender
  • Sexuality

What we offer the Richland and Dallas Community:

  1. Facilitate diversity lectures, programs, workshops and training for student leaders and the local community.
  2. Provide opportunities for students to study abroad.
  3. Partner with the Council for Community Building, Global Education, Diversity and Community Studies.
  4. Publicize diversity initiatives at Richland and throughout the city on the DIVST website.
  5. Collaborate with student organizations and the Office of Student Life to co-sponsor discussion forums, seminars, and workshops on campus.
  6. Collaborate with the Richland College GEDAC committee to partner with local businesses, community organizations and departments on campus to provide mentoring, internships, employment and training for students and employees.
  7. Collaborate and build community with community groups, non-profit organizations and local businesses to publicize and participate in programs in Dallas.
  8. Partner with the Council for Community Building, Global Education, Diversity and Community Studies. Summer Bridge, May Term, and Winter Term program partnerships (e.g. intensive one-month programs). Looking at 3-4 week intensive abroad programs.