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Course Descriptions

Introduction to Criminal Justice - CRIJ 1301

Course Description: This course is a study of history and philosophy of criminal justice including ethical considerations. Topics include the definition of crime, the nature and impact of crime, an overview of the criminal justice system, law enforcement, court system, prosecution and defense, trial process, and corrections. (3 Lec.)

Court Systems and Practices - CRIJ 1306

Course Description: The judiciary in the criminal justice system is explained. The structure of the American Court System is defined. Prosecutional right to counsel is explained. Other areas covered are pretrial release, grand juries, adjudication process, and types of rules of evidence and sentencing. (3 Lec.)

Crime in America - CRIJ 1307

Course Description: American crime problems are studied in the historical perspective. Social and public policy factors affecting crime are discussed. The impact of crime and crime trends are shown along with the social characteristics of specific crimes. The prevention of crime is emphasized. (3 Lec.)

Fundamentals of Criminal Law - CRIJ 1310

Course Description: A study of the nature of criminal law is presented. The philosophical and historical development of criminal law is covered. Major definitions and concepts are given. The classification of crime is covered. The elements of crimes and penalties are discussed using Texas statutes as illustrations. Criminal responsibility is defined. (3 Lec.)

Correctional Systems and Practices - CRIJ 2313

Course Description: A study of the role of corrections in the criminal justice system. Topics include organization and theory of correctional systems, institutional operations, management, alternatives to institutionalization, treatments and rehabilitation, and current and future issues. (3 Lec.)

Police Systems and Practices - CRIJ 2328

Course Description: Exploration of the profession of police officer. Topics include organization of law enforcement systems, the police role, police discretion, ethics, police-community interaction, and current and future issues. (3 Lec.)