Honors Conference


The purpose of the annual Richland College Honors Conference is to enrich the academic lives of all Richland College students.

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, the Richland Honors Program will host its fifth annual conference, this year in partnership with the Richland Institute on Global Citizenship.

All Richland College students and local Honors students are invited to submit presentation proposals, due on Friday, January 25, 2019, at 5 pm, by email to kstephens@dcccd.edu or in person at El Paso Hall, room 055—the Richland Honors Student Center.

According to the Global Citizen movement, “The effects of small actions are not always obvious, but, by working together, specific and tangible outcomes are achieved. Global citizens' voices influence world leaders and decision-makers and contribute to shaping our world.” “The world needs active global citizens who are engaged in the world, knowledgeable about its diversity, and passionate about change.”

To submit a proposal for a 10 to 15 minute individual or group presentation (including audience questions), please follow the steps below:

  • Complete and send the information below, including the title of your proposed presentation, a brief summary of the content, the anticipated length of the presentation and email address(es) to Kathleen Stephens in El Paso Hall, Rm. 055 or through email at kstephens@dcccd.edu
  • You will be notified by email if your presentation is accepted.
  • Questions? Contact Kathleen Stephens, Honors Program Coordinator, via email or by phone at 972-238-6938.
  • Richland Honors Students who would like to travel to the Great Plains Honors Conference in Tyler, Texas, on April 5-7, 2019, must first present at the Richland Honors Conference in preparation for presenting in Tyler.
  • Title of Presentation (150-Word Abstract):
    Please explain how your presentation will fit into the Honors Conference theme of Global Responsibility and Citizenship:

    Presenter Name(s):

    Email Address(es):

    Circle one Preferred Presentation Time on Thursday, March 28, 2019:
    9:30 am to 10:50 am
    2:00 to 3:20 pm

    Audio-Visual Equipment Needs (if any):

    Conference schedule

    9:30 am (SH 118)                                           Student Presentations

    11:00 am (SH 118)                                         Plenary Address, Mr. Andrés Ruzo

    12:30 pm (SH 118)                                         Keynote Speaker, Mr. Alfredo Corchado

    Mr. Alfredo Corchado

    Alfredo Corchado

    Mr. Alfredo Corchado is currently the Mexico City bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News. He specializes in covering the drug wars and the U.S.-Mexico border, writing stories on drug cartels and organized crime, corruption among police and government officials, and the spread of drug cartels into U.S. cities.

    His latest book, Homelands, has been described by the Texas Observer as “At once personal and political, this nuanced book is a sober reminder that today’s immigration challenges are the result of decades of misguided American policy.” In ‘Homelands,’ Alfredo Corchado Punctures the Myth of the American Dream

    Homelands has also received extensive coverage by NPR, which describes him as “a giant. He's tackled the dark roads of the drug trade in prize-winning reporting and nonfiction. And in his new book, Homelands, he looks at another key issue facing Mexico and the United States - immigration.” Alfredo Corchado On Mexico, The U.S. And 'Homelands'

    Andrés Ruzo

    Mr. Ruzo is a geothermal scientist and a National Geographic Young Explorer, known for his science outreach work, and his exploration of Shanay-Timpishka, the 'Boiling River of the Amazon'.

    He was raised in Nicaragua, Peru, and Texas. He studied at Southern Methodist University, gaining degrees in Geology (BSc) and Finance (BBA). He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. there.

    A Legendary Boiling River Flows Through the Amazon. Can It Be Saved?

    Mr. Ruzo's TED talk, The Mythical Boiling River of the Amazon

    Andrés Ruzo gives Ted Talk

    2:00 to 3:20 pm (Sabine Hall 117 and 118)            Student Presentations

    3:30 pm (Sabine Hall 118)                                          Honors Announcement

    The Richland Honors Program will announce the next Honors Study Abroad program for May 2020. Richland Honors students have traveled to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Massachusetts, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. We will travel to Ireland, Wales, and England in May 2019. Where will we go next? Don’t miss the BIG announcement!