Steel Band

Founded in 2003, The Richland College Steel Band is the premier community college steel band program in the DFW metroplex.

The group performs a variety of Trinidadian soca and calypso, Jamaican reggae, Latin jazz and American pop tunes. They have performed for the Best of Dallas International Festival and the Richardson Wildflower Arts and Music Festival. Together with the Richland Music Club, they host the Annual Carnival of Steel Music Festival every April on the Richland College campus. With over 1000 attendees, the Carnival of Steel brings together elementary, high school, college, and professional steel bands from all over Texas and beyond for a daylong event of performances, cultural activities, and educational presentations. Their inventory of handcrafted steel pan instruments currently consists of 3 low C tenors, 1 D tenor, 1 double tenor, 1 low E double second, 1 low F# double second, 2 double guitars, 1 quadrophonic, 1 triple cello, 1 tenor bass, and 1 6-bass instrument. Some members of the group supply their own tenor and 6-bass instruments. A new set of triple cellos and 6-bass instruments are currently under construction.

The program consists of two separate ensembles. The daytime group (MUEN 1135.8001) meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45 pm to 5:05 pm in the Band Hall (room F170) and is open to all interested students. Music in this class is taught using rote methods and students are introduced to sheet music notation. No prior musical experience is necessary. The evening group (MUEN 1135.8502) meets every Tuesday from 7:05 pm to 9:55 pm and is open to all interested students with a prior musical background and the ability to read music. No percussion experience is required with either of these groups. Both groups are 1 credit hour each and are also available for non-credit through the Continuing Education department.

Want to join?

Playing in a steel band is fun! Even if you have limited musical background, there is a place for you in the band. Enroll today or call 972-238-6254 to find out how you can be part of an exciting musical ensemble.

* The Richland College Steel Band is not available for hire for private engagements.