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Potential Programs & Services On-site

Whole People
Formation Experiences
1/2-day Sampler Experience
Full-day Sampler Experience
Creating & Nurturing a Culture for the Whole Person
1-hour Presentation
1/2-day Conversation

Whole Organizations
Performance Excellence *1
1/2-day Block of Presentations
Full-day Block of Presentations and Conversations

Celebrating Diversity *2
1-hour Presentation
1/2-day Conversation

Whole Communities
Community Involvement
1-hour Presentation
1/2-day Conversation

Healthy Environment *3
1-hour Presentation
1/2-day Conversation

Participant Fees
$250 - $300 per person per day
($200 per person for 1/2 day)
[Fees cover costs of facilities, materials,
continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack,
beverages, and personnel.]
Customized programs also available with negotiable
fees at Richland or on-site at your location.

*1 "Performance Excellence" topics include Introduction to Baldrige Methodology, Baldrige Criteria in Higher Education, Richland College's Performance Measurement System, Engaging Employees, and Creating a Culture of High Performance.

*2 "Celebrating Diversity" topics include Intercultural Competence, training, hiring practices, and curricular and co-curricular approaches to promoting diversity. Can include topics such as Richland's dual-credit only "Exemplary"-rated charter school or its Garland campus and related Richland-Chamber-ISD partnerships in Garland, Texas.

*3 Can include topics such as Richland's dual-credit only "Exemplary"-rated charter school or its Garland campus and related Richland-Chamber-ISD partnerships in Garland, Texas.

*4 "Healthy Environment" topics include The GREENRichland Initiative, AASHE STARS tracking/accountability program, LEED Design, building sustainable community building "triple bottom line" into the curriculum/co-curriculum.

Additional Programs and Services
CRWHE, on request, helps institutions previously engaged in formation activities at Richland College with follow-up experiences for faculty, staff, and students at their campuses. Examples include the following:

Formation Facilitation Team Preparation
CRWHE helps institutions prepare formation facilitation teams to continue formation work within their own college communities. The process for preparing and mentoring formation facilitation teams is detailed in the document, Preparation for Team Facilitation of Formation Guidelines.

If a college or university wants to provide formation experiences before their facilitation team is in place, CRWHE can partner with them to provide these programs and services. The retreats can be facilitated by CRWHE staff alone or by the institution's facilitators-in-preparation along with their CRWHE-sponsored mentor.

Formation Sampler Retreats
Full-day Retreats
Two-day, One-night Retreats
Three-day, Two-night Retreats (include Clearness Committees)

Formation Retreat Series
Four Retreats during the Academic Year
Five Retreats over Eighteen Months
Eight Retreats over Two Years

CRWHE/Richland College can assist colleges and universities in designing and implementing a whole-people/whole-organization/whole-community framework.