Program Benefits

The International Business and Trade Program offers the student much in the way of benefits and opportunities.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
It was a few weeks ago that I was admitted to a PhD program right after successfully completing my MBA degree. My journey began at Richland College where I studied International Business and Trade. Whether you want to begin a career related to International Business or you plan to pursue higher education, this program is a good start for your journey. The program offers high quality training at an affordable cost. You also have access to good support and an advising team that helps you get practical experience. I completed my internship at the International Trade Center SBDC while I was in the program. I am always grateful for the new opportunities that this program opened for me.
–Leila Naderi
  • Ability to interact with others from other countries and the US
  • Opportunity to learn how to conduct business in another country
  • Understand how to Import and or Export product
  • Learn the most effective approaches to sourcing and materials management on a Global scale
  • Optionally participate in local events and conferences where students can interact with local business professionals
  • Opportunity to Intern with companies doing business internationally
  • Optionally participate in exchange programs with other Universities around the globe. (Subject to Availability)
  • Opportunity to earn credit while working in a current occupation that has some international exposure through our Practicum Program