The HEEM Experience

The HEEM provides members with extracurricular opportunities that enhance the HEEM Program, through competition, leadership, hands-on experience, and networking.

Now that you have entered the Travel, Exposition, and Meeting Management (hence the HEEM club) program the options are open for you to explore. As you have probably already noticed there are many choices in this industry. You can enter the trade show world, work for a destination management company, or become a meetings and events planner. The options are, quite simply, open for you to choose from. What you need, is the determination and drive to succeed. The HEEM club Experience  club and the travel, exposition, and meetings management program will give you the "know how." All these puts together, help us do what we all want to do... HAVE FUN AT WORK!!!

Goals of HEEM Experience:

  • To bring Richland College Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management program students together for the purpose of establishing ties of friendship and long-term professional relationships.
  • To foster and encourage a sense of pride and professionalism in future travel industry stuff and management.
  • To broaden the learning experience of travel management program students by providing a variety of activities that will give members opportunity to learn about many and variety facets of Travel and Tourism industry.
  • To engage in activities which are supportive of the Travel and Tourism Management Program at Richland College.
  • To keep members abreast of scholarship opportunities which may arise from time to time throughout the academic year


There is a $20 per year membership fee.

Club Activities:

  • Fam trips – short, activity-packed destination excursions
  • HEEM Scholarship Luncheon and Silent Auction Spring Raffle is the HEEM Experience signature fundraisers
  • Social events – banquets, parties, dinners
  • Volunteer staff for meetings, conventions, "special events"

Member Benefits:

  • Access to fun, club-funded activities
  • Student Membership to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events
  • Network with peers on the same career path
  • Get support from peers with similar interests
  • Meet industry professionals
  • Establish lasting friendships
  • Develop social and professional skills to be used in the workplace