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Student Success Stories

Some of the students who are earning their Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Business Administration and various certificates are currently employed and work in a wide array of industries.

I am having a great time learning about the business world! I thought I knew everything there was to know about business having worked in the retail business for many years. But, I was wrong. Working toward my Business Administration Degree has given me the opportunity to see so many more career opportunities.
– Sales Associate, Retail Business
In completing the Business Law course at Richland College toward my Business Administration Degree, I have been able to take the knowledge I have learned and apply it in my career. It has and continues to be incredibly useful. It helped me to complete my four-year degree and achieve so much more as a consumer and employee.
– Accountant, Large Corporate Firm
In taking the Introduction to Business course at Richland College, I learned many functions of business that I did know before taking the course. After completing the course, each day when I went to my part-time job, I wanted to know that my work meant something to someone. I had limited work experience and was looking for a course that would be different, and challenge my brain to increase my skills and get ahead.
– Part-time Employee, Courier Service Company
In taking several business classes at Richland College, I have found that I need to find my own way in the field of business. I was undecided in a major field of study, and found through taking business courses, my direction of what I liked and did not like, was much clearer. Surprisingly, what I have found is that a career is not just about making money, but in finding an interest and loyalty for what I want to do with my life.
- Supervisor, Restaurant Industry