Miguel Cornejo

Machine operator for a major wireless communication manufacturer

“I’ve been in the semiconductors business for more than 15 years. Before, I worked as a process technician in STMicroelectronics®, and in 2007 my company was working on manufacturing a nano-pump for delivering insulin to diabetics.

“That’s when I first learned about nanotechnology. I heard from within the industry that it would be a good time to get in the forefront of developing nanotechnology, and that’s when I decided to go to Richland to earn an associate degree.

“Nanotechnology is such an interesting field — you can use it in medicine, in semiconductors and in so many different fields. My experience at Richland has been excellent.

“In the future, I might like to continue working in semiconductor manufacturing or medicine, working on drug delivery methods that are now possible through nanotechnology. I think that with my experience and an associate degree in Nanotechnology, I’ll have the opportunity to move ahead in my career.”

Miguel Cornejo is working on an associate degree in Nanotechnology from Richland College and currently is a machine operator for a major manufacturer of radio-frequency components for wireless communication with engineering and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and abroad.