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Engineering Technology Degrees and Certificates

Engineering Technology offers a variety of associate degree and certificate options in two specialized tracks:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Electronics

Engineering Technology – Advanced Manufacturing Emphasis

Richland College

Today's manufacturing facilities and machinist shops rely on computer numerical control (CNC) computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) skills to create high quality products. These Advanced Manufacturing-related courses of Engineering Technology emphasize marketable skills.

Engineering Technology – Electronics

Richland College

This program involves the study of the theory and operation of electronic devices, including their application in analog circuits, digital circuits, industrial controls and electromechanical systems. We stress electronic principles and hands-on experience that can be applied to many aspects of advanced electronics.

Other Engineering-Related Programs at Richland College

Richland’s School of Engineering, Business and Technology also offers:
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology

Transferring to a Four-Year University

In general, Engineering Technology degrees and certificates are designed to provide the technical know-how for immediate entry in the job market in two years or less. However, Richland College offers degrees in its engineering division that are specifically designed to transfer into four-year bachelor’s degree programs. Please note that Engineering courses for transfer are different from courses in Engineering Technology, and consult a Richland College STEM advisor if you have questions.

Transfer Agreements With Universities

Richland College has the following transfer (articulation) agreements in place:

See Richland College degrees for transfer.