J. McClure-Whitaker160x284.jpg“When I started classes with DCCCD, I was hesitant and nervous. I really wanted to finish my degree, but I had not taken a class in more than 10 years! Although I was a good student in school, I was worried I would struggle upon returning. Being a single mother, I absolutely had to have a flexible class schedule while I continued to work full time. I took classes on campus and online.

“I committed myself to the Associate Degree Teaching Certificate in Foreign Language — and then I moved to Oklahoma! I attempted to enroll at the community college in my area, but I was dismayed at the lack of options in comparison to DCCCD. There was not an associate degree teaching program offered at all. After some time off, I decided to resume classes at Richland through the online program.

I completed the last of my degree totally online from another state! The professors at Richland were wonderful for this. 

“I was able to do my classroom observations for the teaching program in Oklahoma schools, which was convenient for me. I saw first-hand what I was learning in my classes being applied in those classrooms by the teachers. It was exciting to see I was learning ‘real world’ tools to succeed. 

“In December of 2016, I completed TWO degrees from Richland College: a Teaching Certificate in Foreign Language and an Associate of Liberal Arts degree. I am two classes away from a third: a Teaching Certificate in Special Education! The best part was how proud and pleased my son was to see me walk in the graduation ceremony in May of 2017. My son graduated high school in May and we moved back to Texas permanently for him to attend Richland in pre-engineering. I couldn't be prouder that he chose Richland College to get a top-quality education. 

“I am excited to say that I use my associate degree already, instructing medical assistants at a private college, as I do have medical experience. I am now planning to earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology at the University of Texas at Permian Basin


“Richland makes failure impossible. I can't brag on the school enough. I try to inspire other single parents and individuals like myself who are late bloomers. We can succeed. Success is only an advising counselor away!”