Philosophy Club
The Richland Philosophy Club is a student-run club that meets weekly each semester to discuss philosophical topics. These informal meeting are open to anyone in the Richland community.

Philosophy Club Radio Show
Each week, the conversation from the Philosophy Club meeting continues for an hour-long show on Richland’s radio station, KDUX. Previous shows/podcasts can be found at Richland Student Media.

Contemporary Issues in Philosophy and Religion Series
This series of talks features various speakers who give presentations on philosophical and religious topics. Some recent talks have been Minds. Machines, and Morality: Ethical Realms of Artificial Intelligence, Women in Early Christianity, and Philosophy and Video Games: ‘I Play; Therefore, I Am.’ These talks are open to the public.

Student Philosophy Conference
Each semester, philosophy students are given the opportunity to read a paper or give some type of presentation on a philosophical topic. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience presenting their work at an academic conference, practice public speaking, and hear other students’ perspectives on philosophical topics.

Art/Philosophy Collaborative Project
Each semester art students produce interpretive pieces of philosophical ideas. Philosophy faculty and students are invited to see the pieces and hear the art students discuss their works. This collaborative effort allows art students to think creatively about philosophical concepts and philosophy students to see visual interpretations of philosophical ideas.