Music Core Studies

The Associate of Arts with a Field of Study (FOS) in Music is the equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music at a 4-year university. It encompasses major music core areas for college entry-level courses that cover music battery skills for the music field.

Upon graduation, the transfer-track music major will take an audition and a series of competency tests in some of the areas listed below. These courses also serve the music minors and general education students who wish to develop specific musical skills.

Music Theory
The Music Theory Area contains a sequence of 6 semesters of courses in both Pre-College and College levels. Students learn written and aural skills covering all intermediate to advanced concepts standard to the construction of music. Tonal and atonal musical components over the 6 semesters assist the students in learning musical and analytical vocabulary and techniques necessary for transfer competency testing and career goals.

Class Piano 1-4
Richland offers a series of 4 levels of group instruction in class piano where students learn beginning to advanced concepts in functional piano skills. Sight reading, harmonization, improvisation, and transposition along with technical vocabulary are focused upon to assist with transfer competency tests and career goals.

Music Literature/History/Appreciation
Richland College offers all students various opportunities to learn historical perspectives on all eras of music history from various cultures. Music majors learn introductory information in early and later Western music history through music literature as well as jazz and rock history through our course on American music. General Education students study fundamental survey information in Richland’s Music Appreciation courses.

Music Business
All Richland music majors are encouraged to take this course on music careers to learn about all of the available options in the music field. Topics include recording industry aspects, the verbs of the music field, determining one’s musical skills, and the process of building one’s credentials in the business locally and beyond.

Music Recital Seminar
The Richland College Music Department offers a course in which nationally and internationally renowned guest music professionals present performances and lectures, the Richland music faculty perform, and the Richland Music Ensembles perform their semester repertoire. Various music transfer and career presentations are given annually and music majors and minors meet in this course as a department reviewing degree requirements and related transfer and career options.