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Multimedia Department Video


Richland College Multimedia Program Video, featuring student projects.

This is an animated mosaic, featuring the Multimedia Department's programs: Web Design, Digital Video, Animation, and Graphics.

Digital Video: a helmeted-girl riding a hover scooter, through cyberspace, then bracing for a crash.

Animation: a female student-created avatar, embarking on a treasure-seeking adventure.

Web Design:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, & WordPress.

Graphics: computer-created posters of a unicorn, warrior, fantasy demon, coffee cup, and a gorilla.

Fun with the Green Screen featuring:

a female-student waving in front of giant potato chip tubes.

A male student modeling sword-play, simultaneously, with a digital-character version of himself.

4 female-students dancing in front of a green screen, while being filmed.

Richland College Multimedia