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Dallas is a big hub, nowadays, for some of everything. If it's made, and didn't come

from Texas... something's wrong.

Manufacturing is a major engine that drives prosperity in Texas, and across

the nation, creating high-quality jobs that require skilled manufacturing

technicians. These technicians are in high demand, with starting salaries

ranging from forty-five to fifty- thousand per year. Richland College is

now offering degrees and certificates in its state-of-the-art manufacturing lab...

where you will learn to use the same advanced technology used in modern

industry, and in one of the most advanced facilities in the nation. I would have to

say that our manufacturing facility -- probably one of the best in the state of

Texas, if not the United States. The Manufacturing Degree Program from

Richland College is one of a handful in the entire country for actual CNC and

manufacturing, and with the program advancing with the grant, we're gonna

have technology and equipment that even a lot of manufacturing facilities don't

even have yet. Richland College offers industry-recognized-credentials, so

employers know that students who complete this program have the necessary

skills to meet their requirements. The program is very unique, in that we push

students to make their mistakes here -- to learn from their mistakes. We teach the

whole manufacturing process -- from the design -- all the way through the

production of the part. So they get a realistic, hands-on approach to

learning... and these are all skills that are necessary to be successful in the

workforce, as a manufacturing technician. Richland College features the associate

in Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Technology, but there are

also certificates in related areas, such as Design for Manufacturing and Medical Manufacturing.

The associate degree can take two years to complete,

but credit may be available for individuals with prior learning

experience, such as military veterans, to allow you to complete a certificate even

more quickly. The days of on-the-job training are

pretty much over, you need education and really any field -- it's a necessity.

This is my first time back in the classroom, in almost 30 years or so. I like the

small classes, there's tutors available, and help when you need it. If you want a

job where you're working with your hands -- you're not sitting behind a desk a whole

time -- that's what got me into the manufacturing side of it. You can start

here and then branch off to wherever you want to go. With the right knowledge, like

the program offered at Richland, you can really make a good, steady career out of it.

If you're interested in learning more about this exciting career opportunity,

and connecting with someone who can answer more of your questions, please

email richlandtechno@dcccd.edu and give us your phone number, if you

would like a call back. Face-to-face visits can also be arranged.