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Student Travel Fund and Scholarship Opportunities

The Joe Cortina HEEM Student Travel and Professional Development Fund

The fund was established in honor of Dr. Joe Cortina, Richland Reading Professor who is a long-time supporter of the HEEM program. Students enrolled in the Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management Program may apply for up to $500 each year to support the following:

  • Student membership fees to industry organizations
  • Registration fees for conferences and seminars
  • Transportation expenses to conferences and seminars
  • Admission fees for expositions, conventions, and events
  • Expenses related to familiarization trips

The goal of the fund is to encourage students enrolled in the HEEM Program to supplement their classroom experiences by participating in professional organizations, conferences, and other industry-related events. This fund may NOT be used for:

  • Payment of tuition
  • Purchase of textbooks or other instructional materials
  • Class field trips
  • Awards (trophies or plaques)
  • Gifts (prizes or graduation-related expenses)
  • Administrative costs (duplicating, office supplies)

Application Instructions and Requirements

This Fund is available only to RLC HEEM students. Applications may be submitted throughout the year.

  1. Submit completed application to either the School of Business, Bonham Hall, B-101 or to HEEM Program Coordinator, M.T. Hickman, Wichita Hall, WH-230.
  2. Applications to attend conferences, seminars, expositions, conventions and familiarization trips must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. 
  3. Applications for student memberships to industry organizations must be submitted and approved prior to full participation at organization meetings or events.
  4. This fund is available only to HEEM Students.
  5. Multiple applications may be submitted.

Please contact M.T. Hickman for more information.
M.T. Hickman, Program Coordinator

Scholarship Opportunities

The following annual renewable scholarships are available exclusively to HEEM Students.

  • Dallas County residents taking HEEM classes ($500.00/semester)
  • Out-of-district residents taking HEEM classes ($750/semester)
  • International students on F1 visas taking HEEM classes ($1,000/semester)
  • Sally Goldesberry Endowment Scholarship ($1,000/semester)
  • HEEM Club Endowment Scholarship ($500.00/semester)
  • High school graduates or high school seniors who have taken tourism and hospitality classes ($500/semester)

Industry organizations also offer scholarships to HEEM students.

  • Helen Brett Scholarship
    Each year, scholarships are awarded to individuals who are exploring the study of exhibition management with the end goal of advancing their careers in the exhibitions and events field.
  • The Hotel Association of North Texas HANTX
    This association provides scholarship opportunities for its members and their families who are furthering their careers within the hospitality world.
  • The Educational Foundation of the American Hotel & Lodging Association
    This association awards academic scholarships to students enrolled in U.S. undergraduate or graduate programs in hotel and restaurant management, culinary arts, travel and tourism, and hotel administration.
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
    Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International has been providing scholarships since 1983 to students pursuing careers in hospitality sales and marketing. It also awards merit scholarships to full-time students in baccalaureate and graduate degree programs, as well as to part-time students in associate degree, baccalaureate, and graduate programs.
  • Tourism Cares
    Tourism Cares awards several academic scholarships as part of the National Tour Association Scholarship Fund and American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship Fund.
  • The Professional Conference Managers Association
    This organization offers a variety of scholarships for academics and to attend industry events.
  • Exhibit Service Contactor Association
    This association provides scholarships for students seeking a career in the exhibitions industry.

Learn more about scholarship opportunities at the DCCCD Foundation website.