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Hospitality, Exhibition, and Event Management Video


The program at Richland College started about 23 years ago. I've been there 20 of those 23 years. We were "Travel Exposition Meeting Management"

In January, we rebranded to become "Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management. This is our first career information series, and we're doing an information session to let students know about the many aspects of the Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management, to give them a chance to understand the many, many careers that are available in the industry.

Networking is a huge component, in terms of finding that perfect job, getting the experience, beforehand, to see if it's the right position that you want to actually do long-term. Networking is important in this industry... willing to introduce yourself, say hello, ask questions, and somebody's who's willing to learn. I know experience is tough for college students, or recently graduated college students, so one of the things that we look for is really just are they willing to get out there and try new things.

Some qualities we look for in recent graduates would be: what their coursework pertained to some of the experience they may have already had in the industry. I would say become a member a student member of any of the affiliated organizations that we have in our industry depending, on where their interests lie.

Focus on what you like to do, and then you'll have the skills that you need to really be an asset to a marketing organization.

I was a social media student, here, with the HEEM club, it's a speciality for the majors, and I helped out with the HEEM scholarship, and silent auctions. We offer a certificate in Hospitality and Tourism, a certificate in Meetings and Events, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management.

If you work in the industry, you need a flexible schedule --thus the online classes.