Student Testimonials

N. Abdullayeva

"The AECI program and instructors help international students improve their second language English skills. This program helps students to communicate with people and choosing a great future. The instructors are ready to help any time. I am thankful for studying at Richland College. Richland is one of the most beautiful and successful colleges in Dallas. I like living in Dallas. The weather is nice. Also, for food and for living, the price is cheaper than other places."

– N. Abdullayeva

"Richland College has a beautiful location. The tuition is cheaper than other colleges, and the AECI teachers are very kind, nice, friendly and take good care of students."

– J. Wang

A. Alharbi

"I am really happy that I took the AECI program at Richland College. This program was very beneficial for me, and all the materials in all classes were very helpful to improve my English language. This program focuses on important things that we need in learning English. The instructors are professional, and they really know how to teach international students. They try to make English language easy for us as much as they can. All my teachers are helpful, friendly, and ideal, and I learnt a lot from them. I really like Richland College. The campus is nice, and the lake makes the campus more beautiful. Also, there are a lot of activities almost every day and several clubs that we can join. It is really a vibrant college. I like the weather in Dallas; it is moderate. There is almost everything we need in the city, and I think it is a good city to live."

– A. Alharbi

"I really like all of my teachers. They are so kind, and they are willing to help me as much as possible. Living in Dallas makes me more independent, and I could make a lot of friends including the native and other countries."

– Q. Do

J Wang

"I like how the teachers teach students. They are very funny and helpful. Great teachers. I like the animals [on campus]. They are very cute and the campus is very beautiful. I like Dallas weather since it’s not too cold and a lot of trees and flowers."

– J. Wang

"The AECI is very nice, and I can learn a lot of things here. The teachers are nice, and they will help you to improve your English skills. The environment is great, and sometimes I look at the river and the view helps me relax. In the morning, the air in Dallas is very fresh, and people are also friendly. Dallas also has a lot of shops and restaurants which are very convenient."

– P. Chin

M. Taqui

"The AECI program has helped my English. The instructors are very nice and help the students when they need it. The teachers are available when the students have any questions. I like the price of the tuition and the location. The parking is also free. I like Dallas because we have a lot of restaurants, museums, and places to visit."

– M. Taqui

"This AECI program improves my English skills. I can remember and organize the words when I’m speaking. I feel more confident and enjoy my studies. The instructors are very friendly and a pleasure. They have good methods to teach English. Each person is different and not boring. I like my grammar and reading teachers. Richland College is a big school. There are many nice views. I can take a break anywhere in college. I like the weather in Dallas. It has many restaurants from many countries so I have a lot of choices for my dinner. Dallas has a lot of places that I can visit during the weekend."

– V. Tran

K. Bayindir

"The AECI program is very good to learn English and engage to American life. I learned a lot of things. I improved my English skills and enjoy at the same time. The instructors are very nice. They always try to help students even out of class. They want to make sure everybody understands the lessons. Richland College has a good location, and moreover, it has a big campus. There are many field trip activities like going to the Texas State Fair. Also, the campus is very green and natural. I lived in two different states, so I can say Texas is the best. Dallas is a nice city to live and for fun. The weather is good."

– K. Bayindir

"The AECI program is very amazing. It allows me to learn about different cultures. I love the teachers – they help you when you need it. Richland College is beautiful. I like the lake, ducks and different animals. Living in Dallas is a big change. The people and culture are different. I like the different places and activities. For example, my class attended the State Fair of Texas. It was interesting to ride the train and experience the fair."

– D. Martinez

G. Jung

"I like the AECI program because it is very organized and makes me focus on my classes. Of course, the teachers are perfect! They are so kind. I feel they prepare their classes before they teach students and I like them. There are some animals that I can see like ducks, squirrels, and turtles. They make me feel peaceful. I like living in Dallas. For me, my country is very fast and busy. Dallas is so peaceful so I can relax."

– G. Jung

"The AECI program helps students feel close and it’s a good program to learn English. I am improving my reading skills. Richland College has many activities in class, and the class is not boring. I like the people in Dallas and feel it is not dangerous for people who live alone."

– S. Dangwichi