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Business Management Video


Retail, banking, finance, manufacturing -- you name it -- you're gonna get a very broad... background in business.

We have a Business Administration and a Business Management Degree. They're similar, but a little bit different.

Business management is basically making sure that a company runs smoothly and making sure that employees show up on time, make surethat they hit their deadlines...

Where as business administration is going to prepare you for sort of all aspects of the of the workplace.

I've always had a dream to be an entrepreneur, and I've been looking around so many colleges, and I felt that Richland offers the best business classes, and the most number of classes -- the best programs, which I could find.

I like business administration, because it's very broad, so you can actually perform in almost any of the company areas, and I like marketing, so I thought they will compliment really well.

Students will learn how to do all the different facets in management. We would teach things, like how to develop job descriptions... how to look through resumes, how to do the interview process, we also cover organizational behavior.

we cover all of the aspects for you to be a good manager... including communications, because that's really a big issue... and so, as a manager, how do you deal with your employees?

You're gonna get 60 hours that can prepare you to have an associates, if you want to go straight out into the workforce. But also prepare you to transfer directly to a university.

Professors and faculty -- they really want you to learn, to grow, to develop a professional career and to be ready to go into the workforce.

They understand that school is different than the real world, and they try to teach you what the real world is like, but also try to keep it along with the core, along with the line of the classes.

A skill set that I think all students need when they leave school... is knowledge of the career management process... and have had at least exposure to how this works in the real world... and to do that in the context of diversity, is an added help.

Diversity, in my opinion, brings expertise from all around the world. If you take the diversities, together, in your workplace, and even in college -- you learn a lot!

The class really represents the changing face of America. Once they leave Richland, our program is designed to put them into the workforce, and so they have the necessary skills that'll make them functional in the workforce

So I think that as far as a career outlook -- it's really great, because you're not just limited to business. No matter what area that you're in, you're gonna need management.