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Art Department Video


Hi, my name is Vicki Mayhan; I am the Department Coordinator for Art at Richland College.

The Department of Art at Richland is geared towards preparing students to go on to...

four-year colleges. We offer all the entry-level courses, intermediate and

advanced courses, also. We also have an Emeritus Program that allows seniors

that are 50, and above, to take credit classes. We engage students with critical

thinking, and we give them the opportunity to not only follow a

basic curriculum, but also to expand their creative ideas. My name is Marian

Lefeld, and I teach here at Richland College. This summer, I'm teaching a

painting class, and I also teach Art Appreciation,

Art History, and Design (Art). Lots of painting, lots of work going on...

the work really comes alive quickly, and I love what my students have been making. Hi, my

name is Charles Coldewey, I am the Brazos Gallery Coordinator, here

at Richland College. We have about 9 shows a year, that we do. We cover local

artists and out-of-state artists. We also have a faculty show, and also a student

show. The focus here at the Brazos is education -- bringing new ideas, creativity,

thoughts, different ways of making art to students, so they can grow in their

education and understanding of art. I took this class to learn a little bit

more about art theory, and get better at painting.

I think I've really been able to do. I definitely don't think I would

have been able to do something like this... without having taken this class.

Here, I'm deciding to do a dragon egg. For each egg, I'm gonna go through and cut out the

scales -- different colors. Also, gonna put this film on, to make it shine and

pop out. It's been a really fun class. Right now, I'm working on a mixed-media art

piece. I'm gonna focus on having complementary colors, with the blue. I'm

pretty much enjoying myself, because with mixed-media, you can go all out. This is

the chair I made in "e;Design II". I just found these -- all the recycled items,

in my parent's home... and you can put wine in the bottom of this, so it's really nice.

These classes are very small, and I feel comfortable talking to the teachers... and

getting along with my classmates as well; we feel like a little family, so every

semester was like that, and I really enjoyed it.